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Shop Safety Service (Monthly)

This is very effective shop safety service for you and your shop, which is you’re "RojiRoti". Please ensure it with us. That price is mentioned above is our minimum premium and according to evaluation you will pay premium.

SELLING PRICE : Rs. 475       DISCOUNT OFFER 5%;   Rs 500

SELLING OFFERS open till 21-29 October, 2016. In this period you can subscribe each product from Free Product Delivery website with heavy discount.

1. All products sold on are brand new and 100% genuine.

2. We are committed to ensure 100% Purchase Protection for your online shopping with

3. Delivery time between 30 minutes to 10 Business Days after order confirmation.

4. Price includes all taxes.

5. If you required products in large quantity, you can contact us at

+91 8756987953

PAYMENT ONLINE : ICICI BANK A/C No. : 157105500244 (Current); IFSC : ICIC0001571; Branch : GTB Nagar Kareli, Allahabad (UP); Beneficiary : Dheer Singh Rajput

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For ensure your shop to pay only 16 rupee per day. It will safe your future and you can take full sleep at night. Your shop gross revenue calculation will be done during taking policy.

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