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Pratapgarhi Amla Murabba (500 g)

Amla is the Indian word for the fruit of the gooseberry tree that is native to all parts of India. The fruit is round and greenish yellow when ripe. Largest producer district is Pratapgarh in India.

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Gooseberry is the most commonly utilized fruit in the Indian households because of its really working health benefits and medicinal properties for long years. 100 grams of amla contains around 445 mg of vitamin C. It also contains the ellagic acid, gallic acid, kaempferol, flavonoids and Polyphenols which have their own benefits as an antimicrobial and antiviral.

Amla works as a good blood purifier thus found in many herbal medicines to treat various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, diarrhea, fever, bacterial and viral infections. It works as a natural appetizer (improves appetite) without any side effects.

Amla is rich in several minerals, including chromium, zinc and copper. Ayurvedic medicine considers these minerals essential for the body to function properly. Chromium, in particular, is thought to help manage cholesterol levels in the blood, and it may also lower the risk of heart disease, according to Harvard Health Publications.

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