Why Us?

Why Us?

Education gives shape to our life. With the advancement of technology it is now easy to learn online while working to any organization. Distance learning education is a powerful medium of learning. Internet has thus become a useful tool in this world and has opened up new educational opportunities for people around. Distance learning courses have increased in number mainly because of the internet. Distance learning course is offered by many prestigious institutions across the country.

SVIMT has been into the Education Spectrum for more than a decade. SVIMT felt that the constraints of distance, time & money should not become factors limiting the spread of quality education in India. Today, technology is able to bridge the gap. With the objective to provide high quality education to a larger segment of students, SVIMT gives a distance & online study, online study, online mock exam, online result, online CRM, e-learning platform to the professional courses

SVIMT has a unique Learning by Doing approach for nurturing leadership.

It involves:

  • Management applications in community development
  • Integrated communication agency within the institute run by students mentored by acknowledged experts
  • Student participation in consultancy and management development projects that the institute conducts with industry
  • Involvement of students from day one in active running of the institute through various groups working in areas like corporate relations, projects, cultural events, academics, placement services, alumni and upkeep
  • SVIMT has a rigorous pedagogy for the purpose of developing a strong grasp of management fundamentals, analytical abilities and presentation skills. It includes special classroom lectures, home assignments, case studies and presentations, individual and group projects and business games.

We also teach one to question concepts, theories and practices and develop critical inquiry - Focus on the WHY and not just the HOW.

Management is much more than mere book knowledge, assimilation and analysis. It is about application. It is ultimately about making things happen. The business environment today requires efficient handling of complex, highly unpredictable situations. By providing unmatched course content along with personal guidance we ensure that our students are well prepared to step into this volatile corporate world and occupy position of stature.

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