Desk of Vice Chancellor

Desk of Vice Chancellor

“Shri Vinayaka Institute of Management and Technology distance education” in India largely dedicated to its graduate, post graduate and short term diploma courses that are provided to the students for their future evolution which came into existence in the year 1995 with the commitment to offer better and best education that can create future of different individuals.

This institute offers almost all Technical courses to build technical leaders that can stay in the world of technologies to discover and utilize the new and existing technologies in the current era.We believe to serve the education in each hand for the evolution of people and society to improve the level of education in each minds in the sense of distance education so that one should not get deprived of it for any cause.

Sometimes one has to interrupt their study just because of other priorities but we help those individuals and encourage them to come and join us to enhance their future with us as per business industry needs. We also support our students while giving a proper guidance and counseling related to their education and career issues so that one should not hesitate while building a career for their future enhancement.We continuously improve our academic and administrative agenda as per the timely requirement so that our students should not stay or remain back anytime according to industry requirements. We always ready to encourage our students to fulfill their intended aims and dreams in the right direction.

We are in the world and stay in the society where without education there is nothing to do. Education plays a vital role in the industry to have a bright career and professional space in industries. Education not merely create job profiles to survive, even it make us learn the art of living. We focus on the right skills development in the students by offering the variety of subjects in their curriculum that cater to the capabilities of dissimilar individuals at numerous levels of education.We aim to provide and enhance the talent of the individuals towards the obtainment of the knowledge and intelligence to apply that knowledge to be linked with the goals and ambitions of students in particular manner for good and best of human kind.In the way of development, the people of Institute of Management and Technical Studies distance education endeavor to conquer the level of perfection and brilliance to create a path towards future development of each individual.

We welcome to all the desired students and individuals for acquaintance and intelligence with the positive intent, minds with creativity, ambition, capability and ability to hunt for the realization of their aims and development.


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