Desk of Chairman

Desk of Chairman

In the emerging and highly competitive world, an incomplete education is like a curse that lingers throughout life. The Curse worsens if it is delayed by citing reasons for paucity of time and investment. The curse becomes a blessing if there is an Institution which fills the gap by offering quality education at the convenience of time and offers value for money. SVIMT takes it as a social responsibility to educate and train people who have missed out on their conventional education. Today career is no longer clearly defined. Young men and women are at the thresh-hold of their career where they can make important decision to choose a course as a stepping stone for further career enhancement. Of course, it is a tough situation but it is no less tough to decide the Institution whose standard of teaching is outstanding and exemplary in determining where one chooses to study the course. With a sense of pride and privileges I would like to bring the knowledge of the students and general publish that The Shri Vinayaka Institute of Management and technology (SVIMT) Established under the aegis of Education welfare society SINCE 1983 (Regd.) has proved a beckon to knowledge seeker not only all over the country but also all over the world. Since the mission of the Institution is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract good faculty, good students, provides good infrastructure and purposeful supportive environment in its Institution. I take pleasure in welcoming all those young men and women aspiring to excel, in the years ahead, to join any of these prestigious courses as appropriate to their career aspirations. I wish that you ascend from peak to peak in all your endeavors in life.


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