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Welcome to (SVIMT) Shri Vinayaka Institute of Management & Technology, a leading ISO-9001:2008, Certified B-School and registered with ODL and NCT, govt. of Delhi under the MANAGEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL Society Act with the Registration No. S/8900636.

For the Certification course of Management and Engineering has been started with intent to impart quality in the field of education and equip young people with knowledge and skills which would help them, make meaningful contribution to global competition. The institute offers academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

(SVIMT) Shri Vinayaka Institute of Management & Technology is established to provide value based learning to each aspiring professional and laid a path for leading a bright and prosperous career ahead. We provide distance learning for Management, Computer/IT and Engineering. As a participant, you get multiple courses to pick and choose. We make you create your future as per your time plan. Time is no more a constraint, when you are in SVIMT.

SVIMT: One of the leading B-School

SVIMT is Total Quality Management B-School. Quality has become the buzzword in every walk of life. Quality is a key to achieve excellence in management and Engineering which includes different sectors. Modern education has always insisted on higher effectiveness. Hence strategies such as Total Quality Management were introduced. Total Quality management is a management philosophy where every individual in an organization is motivated to work towards a common vision, in an ideal environment, continuously improving their performance resulting in better business opportunities.

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