Franchisee Opportunity

Franchisee Opportunity

Distance Education Institute as an industry has no cyclical turns unlike other industries and therefore it is always progressive. Added to that in a progressive economy, the thrust on education becomes a priority for the general population and thereby larger becomes the business opportunity. In order to succeed in the business of Distance Education Institute , one needs to have a robust business model, world class content and regular updations in keeping with the requirements of the target segment.

SVIMT Distance Education Institute is in the business of offering distance learning education since more than two decades now. With vintage and learning, we have been able to develop a comprehensive proprietary content and business model that can be replicated by a new business man with our helping hands.

Before you decide to take our franchise, we show you how we have done this business for years so that you have a conviction that if you follow a certain business model; the end result will be as per your expectations.

To further strengthen your conviction, we also offer a assured Return On Investment mechanism for our premium and selected franchisees.

To Summarize, Our franchisee offer gives you the following benefits

A Running Business Model at our HO to strengthen your conviction.Our Business Model for Replication.Start Up Assistance.Content Support.Advertising Support in terms of Design and Graphics.Website Access for Franchisee and franchisee Students.Support and Service for Any Assistance.

There is no harm in calling us up for a presentation. Take that first step. Click Here to download the Franchisee Business Proposal.

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